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Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Man Cave with a Hot Tub

Imagine: Instead of standing in the middle of the lawn, you and your buddies are soaking in the hot tub, watching the big game, and enjoying your favourite beverages. Lots of men have a mancave, but the manliest of men want something different. They want an outdoor mancave. But, it has to fulfill man’s main requirements.

Have All the Right Stuff

If you don’t like it, you’re not going to use it. So, take time to think about all the things you enjoy, like, and dislike.

  • Should it have hook ups and mounting systems for gadgets such as portable tvs, iPads, iPods, and other electronics?
  • Do you prefer reading materials?
  • A place to keep beverages cold?

The ultimate mancave will also have a hot tub or hot tub and sauna to relax in at the end of a hard day. It can’t be just any hot tub, however.

When choosing a hot tub, make sure to choose one that’s comfortable for your bigger frame. It should have enough room for you and all your best guy pals (or your significant other). Add a towel warmer, built-in fridge, and in the surrounding, make sure there’s a place to set drinks, a magazine, the phone, and all the important things you’ll need access to while enjoying it.

As for location, men don’t exactly like to be surrounded by flowers and floral scents. So consider creating adding some extra space around the tub. Then you can build a structure around it that ivy could climb on, or use other greenery around it to add privacy and a decorative touch. Lighting is a must.

Be Convenient

You work hard enough all day and all week. You shouldn’t have to work to enjoy your mancave. So, make sure everything is set up wisely — towels within reach of the hot tub, remotes for electronics, etc. It should be a short walk from the house, and not make you walk on cacti to get there!

Everything should also be long-lasting and low maintenance. So, when choosing the plants, items, and materials for your mancave, keep this in mind.

Be Comfortable

Your mancave has to be comfortable. Find reclining lawn furniture, or get adventurous and find indoor furniture you can move outside, just build an awning to keep it protected. Like pictures and posters of cars or babes? No problem! Get them laminated! Add bug screens and citronella candles to keep away the pests and anything else you need to make yourself feel at home.

The most important thing about a mancave is that it suits you and matches your personal taste. Do that and you’ll have the best one ever created — the guys will never want to go home. Who knows? The girls might even start coming over, if you feel like sharing, of course.